Mexican Tour Guides Looking To Setup Business In Brownsville

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It’s a unique look at when tour experts become tourists. The tour lasts several days… all conducted in Spanish. Visitors from 5 Mexican Cities: Monterrey, Torreon, Madero, Cd. Victoria, and Tampico, visit the City of Brownsville. Their goal, establish tour routes in this American city.

Nora Dominguez , Promotions Director with the Secretaria de Turismo, Matamoros, Tamps, comments “We’re one region. We’re showing our strengths, we are working together to promote one another and taking advantage our spaces.”

Now Partners like The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC) want to make it official. They claim this is a strategic gathering as a result of the ongoing Discover Brownsville campaign.

Josh Mejia – Brownsville Community Improvement Corp, “We were able to collect analytics from that marketing campaign. And we found that these five cities were the most engaged and interested in coming down here to visit us.”

They are touring the best the city has to offer such as shopping, nature, and historic sites. Some of these cities actively conducting tours in the U.S.

Rosario Pedraza, a tour operator for over 18 years tells us that she “would regularly visit McAllen then go straight to South Padre Island.”

“By re-establishing these routes for tourism to come from Mexico, we will definitely see an increase. I can’t say an exact number, but we will see an increase,” says Mejia.  

In 2016 Brownsville Organizations conducted a $155,000 cross border study. Their findings, Brownsville was determined as one of the most frequented cities.

Groups like the BCIC are trying to place Brownsville as a destination for Mexican Tourists.

“We have one goal. We want our regions to do well” – Dominguez.

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