McAllen ISD Upgrading School Bus Surveillance Cameras

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In the effort to improve bus and student safety, McAllen ISD is adding new video cameras to its school buses.

The district is upgrading the camera systems on their buses. Nearly 1/3 of all their buses have been equipped with a new camera system that can record from more angles than the older model and transmit wirelessly.

Jacob Martinez – McAllen ISD Transportation Director says, “We have this new camera system that is wirelessly connected and to our office and it enables us to pull video from the buses without having to remove any of the components and it enables us to access this information a lot quicker when we’re requested for video documentation.

The buses will now have four cameras inside instead of two. One of the new cameras is placed over the bus drivers facing the stairwell of the bus, and the fourth camera is mounted on the front bulk head facing outside to capture everything in front of the bus. The transportation director says this will help train future bus drivers better, and help reduce the amount of obstructions in the routes the buses use.

“It gives us more information, so that as an office we can provide better trainings with regards to driver behavior, customer service training…. It also gives us visibility to any obstructions along the route so we can network with the city and have those remedied, to ensure that our buses aren’t impacted by any low hanging tress or anything like that.” Said Martinez.

36 additional buses will be upgrading to the new camera system by the middle of the spring.

Some of the older buses that aren’t used in routes, will not be upgrading to the new camera system since they will eventually be replaced.

The cost of upgrading each bus to the new system is around $2,500.

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