March For Truth Scheduled In El Paso

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In response to President Trump’s upcoming visit to the southwest border, organizations in El Paso are gathering for what they’re calling The March For Truth.

Spearheaded by the Border Network for Human Rights and the Women’s March of El Paso, Members of the community are planning to march through south central El Paso and end at a park right by where the president will be having the rally. 

The Border Network For Human Rights announced The March For Truth scheduled to happen on the day the president is set to arrive to the borderland. Organizers plan to have music, entertainment and food trucks to show what they see as the true colors of El Paso.

“Showcase what we are now in terms of people, that we are proud. It is not what is being presented. We are not violent. We are not in the mist of chaos and mayhem. El Paso is a peaceful community that engages with other communities across the border.” Says Fernando Garcia of The Border Network For Human Rights. 

The Women’s March Of El Paso is one of the 40 organizations taking part in the event. They see the gathering of these local groups with leaders like Representative Veronica Escobar and former Congressman Beto O’Rourke as a resemblance of how quickly they were to set this event up. 

“I think it represents exactly what we’re standing for which is we are so diverse we have such a different needs. We are a community we can come together and unite when it comes to a common cause.” Says Lyda Ness Garcia of The Women’s March Of El Paso. 

They’re expecting Monday to be one of the largest gatherings the borderland has seen on both sides of the issue.

“Definitely we’re going to see people that are going to go and listen to Trump and we respect that but also we’re going to see people outside. A sea of people outside saying that El Paso is not what is being presented.” Says Fernando Garcia. 

They see it as an opportunity to not only protest but celebrate.

“Harness the frustrations and we also get to express our love of our town.” Says Lyda Ness Garcia. 

The march is set to start at 5 P.M. near a local high school, with a march at 6 P.M. at a park next to the El Paso Coliseum, where the rally will take place. 

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