Many Immigrants Stay in U.S. Longer due to Unrenewed Visas

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A study finds the majority of people who are not U.S. citizens are categorized into two groups. Those who have over stayed their visas. And those that illegally crossed a border. An immigration attorney agrees with this study.

“It’s easy to physically migrate from Mexico.”

Immigration attorney Analuisa Pablos says many immigrants over-stay their visas because they work in the U.S. and have children here.

“Most people will keep their visas current, meaning that, although they’re on violation of their visas or their tourists visas, they keep them current. They go back to the U.S. consulates in Mexico, renew them and remain here permanently.” Said Pablos.

The research from the center for migration studies shows in 2014, 42% of the total undocumented population, were overstays. They accounted for 66% of those who arrived in 2014. Overstays have exceeded undocumented immigration every year since 2007. Mexico is the leading country for overstays and undocumented immigrants.

One researcher who helped with the study says the national perception of how immigrants stay in the U.S has been skewed for a while.

Robert Warren, “Well the national perception has been skewed for quite sometime. The actual fact is that the number coming across the southern border has been dropping dramatically since 2005.”

The Center for Migration Studies says this trend of people overstaying their visas will likely continue.
California has the biggest number of overstays followed by New York, and Texas.

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