Major County Project Running Under Budget and On Schedule

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It is a $150 million county project that broke ground in November 2018. Officals say the construction of the new Hidalgo County Courthouse is running under budget and right on schedule.

According to county officials, the 7-story 365 square foot facility is nearly one third complete. More than $23-million has been spent on the construction and design and officials say the project is currently under budget.

The new courthouse will include a sally port with judges parking, more than 30 courtrooms, and 15 passenger elevators. Officials involved with the construction say you may have noticed the tower cranes brought in for the project.

Brian McNeal, Senior Superintendent – The Morganti Group says, “They are sitting about 265 feet into the air and they are weathervaning around your buildings, so everyone is just a little on edge. I know we’re troublesome while we’re here but trust me when we leave your going to love it.”

The county is being very transparent with the process. There is a link where you can monitor the progress, including all project designs, monthly reports, and cost estimates with total monies spent to date. The project is expected to be completed in 2021.

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