Los Fresnos CISD Tops Lower Valley Districts

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The agency responsible for public education released their accountability ratings for each district, campus and open enrollment charter school in Texas. 

While most districts in the Rio Grande Valley met the state’s standards, nine districts excelled, including Los Fresnos Consolidated School District. 

“The accountability system consists of three domains. There is a student achievement domain, a student school process and closing the achievement gaps,” said Los Fresnos CISD Superintendent Gonzalo Salazar. 

Los Fresnos CISD received an overall letter grade of “A” with a score of 92 out of 100.

“The metric shows that our school district staff is doing really well at helping students make progress from year to year,” Salazar said. 

The district’s neighbors in the lower Rio Grande Valley and Cameron County, Brownsville Independent School District, earned an overall score of an 89 “B” grade, Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District received an 87 “B” grade, while San Benito Consolidated School District received a 78 “C” grade.

South Texas Independent School District, which is also in Cameron County, received an “A” grade with a 97 score.  

Los Fresnos CISD earned an 88 “B” grade in student achievement and 91 “A” grade in school progress.

“We can credit the success of our students to the laser like focus of our campus staff,” Salazar said. 

The district shined the most in closing the gaps with an “A” grade of 93, which looks at performance among student groups, including racial groups, socioeconomic backgrounds and other factors, and received a distinction in postsecondary readiness. 

“We truly believe that what we do here shapes the world and so we’ll continue to deliver on our mission and that commitment to deliver the quality educational experience that our kids deserve,” he said. 

Districts, charters, and campuses can appeal their ratings.

TEA will release the final 2018 ratings based on the outcomes of the appeals in December.

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