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It was an exciting and historic day yesterday across the border as Mexico elected a new president.

While some people are apprehensive about the new leader, others are hopeful.

“We hope it’s better than before,” said Mauricio Esquivel, a Mexican resident, who is among the millions of people who voted for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Lopez Obrador’s campaign centered on transforming Mexico, governing for the poor and overthrowing the political establishment seen with previous President Enrique Peña Nieto. 

“We need a change in Mexico and we hope he will keep his promises,” said Mexican Resident Juanita Rivera at the Gateway International Bridge in Brownsville. 

A history instructor at Texas Southmost College, which is less than a mile away from the border, likens Mexico’s election results to that of the United States,  and other countries in the world.

“This is just another example of really dramatic changes that are taking place where people are looking for something different,” Brian McCormick, TSC History Instructor. 

And with Donald Trump in office and a new president in Mexico, people on both sides of the border are wondering what will become of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“People felt Lopez Obrador might be someone who would more strongly stand up to Trump and really threw a wrench in Trump’s efforts to renegotiate NAFTA, but you never know. You’ve seen Trump negotiate with people that we never thought our leaders would negotiate with,” McCormick said. 

Lopez Obrador will take office on December 1.  

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