Local LNG protestors take stand against the potential facilities

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“Well we’re opposed to the project,” LNG Protestors Debbie and Larry Lauxman. “We have a nice environment down here, the fish are healthy, the air’s clean, the water’s still pretty clean. I don’t think this is going to have anything but a negative impact on the environment in general.”

That’s how the protestors of LNG feel about what could be the first liquid nitrogen facilities in Brownsville.

“I don’t see any advantage for any of our community at all in terms of jobs,” Debbie and Larry Lauxman. “Maybe up front a little bit, but then it’s all going to go away.

And that’s where people like Rafael Montag come in. His job, as part of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, to take into account both the positive and negative feedback of local residents for later review.

“We’re holding a scoping meeting to find out from the citizenry what people’s concerns are with regards to environmental resources and what their concerns are,” said Annova LNG Project Manager, FERC Rafael Montag.

Montag says public opinion does have a significant impact on how the FERC addresses local concerns or support about LNG.

“The community is here,” said Montag. “We are in Washington, D.C. We don’t know what is going to be impacted potentially. We don’t know.”

Despite job creation and liquefied natural gas being considered as one of the cleanest  fossil fuels there is, local folks still aren’t swayed. They believe the potential flares from burning fossil fuels will undoubtedly jeopardize the environment.

“To this particular area, we don’t need this at all all,” said Debbie and Larry Lauxman. “This isn’t going to be a positive impact for this community at all. Negative 100 percent.”

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