Law Enforcement Implementing “No Refusal Policy” For 4th of July

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A stern warning from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Law enforcement is implementing a “No Refusal” policy.

Many Rio Grande Valley residents will travel, attend a firework show, or simply gather with family for the Fourth of July. For Law Enforcement the dangers of drinking and driving are all too real. The Texas Department of Public safety says that last year alone over there were 500 DWI arrests. This year they expect an increased presence on the roads. 

Sgt. Maria Montalvo, Texas Department of Public Safety, “It’s not worth your life and it’s not worth killing somebody else.” 

This morning the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office hosts a conference to bring attention to the issue. The district attorney says it’s a warning issued every year and every year someone will die from Driving While Intoxicated. 

Chief Orlando Rodriguez, Brownsville PD, “Designated a driver get a taxi cab, get somebody to drive you, don’t take a chance.” 

Many departments will follow a No Refusal Policy, that means you have the right to refuse, but an effort will be made to make sure you’re sober this holiday season.”

Chief Rodriguez says, “If you refuse a search warrant will be drawn to get your blood. Either way the evidence will be there against you.” 

Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz, “When they draw your blood and it’s .8 or higher that means you’re drunk. You will be charged and more than likely be convicted.”   

The fines could be in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Law enforcement says there’s no price for a family member.

“Rest assured that DPS will stop you and you will be arrested.” Adds, Sgt. Montalvo.

Law enforcement will also be on the lookout for those speeding, and texting while driving. The district attorney recommends defensive driving for those out on the road this 4th of July.

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