Jury Gives Man Probation for Starving Baby to Death, Was His Second Trial

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A San Benito man once sentenced to 40 years in prison will now serve 10 years of probation in a case involving the death of an infant.

In 2013 a jury determined 39-year-old Abraham Proenza was responsible for neglecting his 4-month nephew and allowing the infant to starve to death.

Since then Proenza filed an appeal of his 40-year jail sentence and this morning a new jury determines the man was guilty of a lesser crime and given a sentence of 10 years probation. Prosecutors are calling the verdict outrageous and a denial of justice for the dead infant.

Cameron Count District Attorney Luis V. Saenz stated, “Even though I must respect this jury’s decision, I do not agree with it. I strongly believe that they made a terribly wrong decision. Baby Aiden, neglected and alone, starved to death. By their verdict of guilty, the jury found that Proenza recklessly caused the death of a 4 month old by failing to provide basic human nourishment and medical car. Despite this atrocious criminal conduct, the same jury decided that Proenza deserved Probation.”

History on case here:

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