Incoming Mexican President Brings Uncertainty to Mexico, Border Regions

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In June 2018 the people of Mexico elected a new president. As he takes office three days, there is a lot of uncertainty in Mexico and our border region.

On Saturday, Dec. 1 Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the Morena Party will be sworn in as Mexico’s next president. Obrador is a career politician and during his campaign made many promises. Residents like Angelina Simon-Leon say now is the time to see if Obrador can deliver on those promises.

“There have been many promises. On issues of security, changes in government, and to see if there is an answer to the promises he made.”

Simon-Leon says issues like security, the peace of the country and the economy are the issues most important to the Mexican people. 

Economy experts like Duncan Wood say security issues in Mexico could play a big role in the economy of the Rio Grande Valley. “Issues like public security in northern Mexico. Mexicans are more willing to take the journey to cross over to McAllen to do their shopping. Those are issues that really matter and will have a very important economic impact on these communities.” 

Obrador has promised energy reform, stimulus to the agriculture sector, and decentralization of the executive cabinet; something Hidalgo resident Fidel Lopez-Elizondo says will help facilitate change, although it maybe a slow process. “He is the president but under him is the cabinet. They’re the ones who govern. I can’t say there will be change, at least not right now.”

Several local dignitaries including Congressman Vicente Gonzalez say they plan on attending Saturday’s inauguration. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will be inaugurated in his home town of Tepetitan in the state of Tabasco on Saturday, Dec. 1.

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