Immigration Talk at Snail’s Pace Due to Focus on Border Wall

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Congressman Vicente Gonzalez says there is talk of immigration reform in Washington. He says the progress is a little too slow because of the focus on the border wall. He calls the immigration system broken and says there are some great ideas on both sides of the aisle. He adds that monies allocated for a border wall are better spent to address other issues. The congressman says that 75 percent of undocumented crossing are asylum seekers.

“In areas where there is a wall, they look for a camera. They wave into them and ask Border Patrol, ‘Come pick me up so I can apply for asylum’. How do you stop that with a wall? You don’t. If you want to impact those types of crossings the only way to do that is through policy changes.”

Gonzalez adds that Mexican nationals are going home at record levels and the migrant workforce is needed in some industries. Gonzalez hopes to address some of those issues back in Washington.

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