Immigration Attorneys Urging DACA Recipients To Know Their Rights

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Reports of DACA recipients being detained at the Falfurrias checkpoint continue to come in.

Immigration attorney, Norma Sepulveda, says these incidents shouldn’t be happening at all right now.

“The guidance that came out specifically regarding DACA individuals, specifically said that they’re within their DACA status, and they will not expire until their individual permits expire,” said Sepulveda. “So yes, we have a good six-month period, and that’s when people will start to expire, but I have several clients that have DACA and they’re not expiring until 2019. So, in essence, they should not be questioned, and they should not be held,” she added. 

Some of the DACA recipients that were detained reported they were held at the checkpoint for several hours. Sepulveda says if any DACA recipients have to travel, to speak with a lawyer before going anywhere.

“That individual is going to have to make that decision for themselves. How important is it to get to where they’re going?,” said Sepulveda. “They probably want to talk to their lawyer first to make sure that there is nothing on their record that is going to affect them in any way, within their status,” she added. 

Sepulveda adds, it’s important for all recipients to ask their attorney about anything they not sure about when it comes to their rights.

Anyone with questions regarding DACA, can call 956-230-4888.

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