Immigrant Shot in the Back Released from CBP Custody

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An undocumented immigrant who was shot in the back earlier this month has been released from Customs and Border Protection custody.

Daniel Leon was shot by a Mission resident after he entered the resident’s property. At the time he was fleeing from Customs and Border Protection. Leon has been in vegetative state since then. His attorney speaks out by stating CBP released Daniel Leon last night without any notice or court order and after denying Leon’s father and attorney access to his hospital room for the past two weeks.

Alex Martinez, Immigration attorney, “CBP has not indicated to us whether he was released on his own recognizance, which requires a document and ICE has not contacted us either were basically left in the dark. They basically abandoned their post there and he’s left on his own without us knowing or being contacted as to what steps they are going to take.”

Martinez believes CBP released Leon due to the overcrowding in detention centers. CBP says that is not the reason. They didn’t go into further details when asked why he was released without a court order.

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