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Thousands of undocumented immigrants are continuing to illegally cross the border. Their processing and release is flooding facilities like the Catholic Charities Respite Center of the RGV.

Resources to house, feed, transport individuals, and families is putting a strain on local organizations and several are asking for donations.

Susan Law, Angry Tias & Abuelas – RGV volunteer, “ICE has dropped off 900 people who are requesting asylum. They were released by ICE to the Catholic Charities Respite Center.”

With the influx of undocumented immigrants illegally crossing over the border it is putting a strain on organizations like Angry Tias and Abuelas of the RGV who are helping individuals and families in finding their way to a new home.

“We are talking to those people and making sure they know how to make their bus changes and that they understand what their initial immigration appointment is all about.” Says Law.

She also says without this assistance many would be lost.

“It took us awhile to understand them ourselves and we speak English. They are not written in Spanish they are all in English and people sometimes have as many as 5 or 6 transfers to make so it
s very complicated.”

The organization was started less than a year ago and its mission is to advocate for individuals and families seeking asylum at our borders as they continue their journey into the U.S., but to continue this mission the organization is needing Spanish speaking volunteers.

“Email us @angrytia’, we have a Facebook page they can look for us there and the link is there.” Adds Law.

If you are unable to help the organization with your time, they are also asking for financial donations to purchase traveling supplies.

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