‘I’m Going to Continue Working’ Says Local Dreamer

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Dreamers may be running low on time for renewal of the DACA program… but they are not running low on hope.

This week we introduce you to Anna Gonzales… a Dreamer from Mexico living in the United States and Working helping fellow immigrants as an employee with the Pro-Immigrant Group ‘Arise.’

Gonzales claims that she… like many others that share her legal status… have no intentions of leaving to her country of origin.

In fact, she shares with News Center 23 her plans to continue working in the U.S. even if it means doing so while breaking the Law.

Anna Gonzales says that employment elsewhere may not be “good pay [she is] going to continue working.”
When asked if she knew that doing so would be against the law, she claims, “yes… we know, everybody knows. Even though, we have to live from something.”

Inaction from the federal government would displace her from her current job at Arise and will force her to look elsewhere.

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