Homeless Survey Underway in Brownsville

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Many across the nation are going out to conduct a homeless survey.

Point-In-Time is a national count that estimates the number of homeless people in a given area.

This morning volunteers, county, and support groups reach out to various parts of the valley in search of the homeless.

We spoke to the one group conducting this survey to ask them why this count is necessary.

Anali Ybarra Social Services Coordinator for the City of Brownsville says, “It’s Important because we want to help fund our programs, our shelter programs, so that we can get these people off the streets and help them get into a permanent housing situation where they can sustain themselves and have their own place to live, rather than have them on the streets, on benches and places that are not habitable for people.”

In addition to counting, the city of Brownsville acquired and distributed donations to help the homeless.

They were handing out towels, clothes, and hygiene products. 

This was done at no expense to local taxpayers.

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