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Hidalgo County Moving Forward With New Courthouse, Edinburg's Contribution Pending

EDINBURG, Texas - Hidalgo County Commissioners are moving forward with plans for a new courthouse. This comes from not receiving any financial contribution yet, from the city of Edinburg.

It's been over a month since Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia wrote a letter to Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina. In the letter Judge Garcia asks the mayor about Edinburg’s $45 million contribution for the new courthouse.

Molina says he would still like to take part but had to invest some of the city's money in other projects.

"When I came in, in November, I looked at the finances and said, I don't think we can afford that amount of money. It was $1.5 million for 30 years. I really got the ear of the public, and one of the things I heard was... They wanted us working on parks, streets, lighting, drainage. As soon as we came in, we put our money to work on those projects."

Molina hasn't shut the county down but says they won't be able to contribute the amount the previous administration had agreed on.

"After looking at the budget, there's not the $45 million to go ahead and give to the county. I still want to partner up with them, we just can't do it at the level that was promised previously."

The mayor and county judge have not talked about the contribution. Mayor Molina says he's trying to figure an amount they can contribute with a financial advisor for the city, before speaking to Judge Garcia.

Molina didn't specify how soon he can find an exact amount they can contribute for the project. But expects it to be sometime soon.

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