Gustavo Tijerina Sandoval Found Guilty In Death Of Border Patrol Agent

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It did not take long for the jury to find Gustavo Tijerina-Sandoval guilty of capital murder and attempted capital murder.

During closing arguments, prosecutors said Sandoval and Ismael Hernandez Vallejo did not mean to kill Vega Jr. but wanted to rob the family of $3,500 for a motor.

Meanwhile, the defense argued that evidence is insufficient and that it is not certain who shot who and who shot first.

“You heard Eric, a friend of the Vega’s, testify that he heard some kind of argument, some kind of discussion that was going on between Javier Vega Jr. and the two individuals in the vehicle,” said Defense Attorney Nat Perez. 

Perez also argued that Sandoval did not receive medical treatment, and that his confession with the Texas Rangers was not reliable because the defendant was confused.

He also said it is probable that Vega Jr. shot first, and if that is true his client had a right to self-defense.

Prosecutor Charles Mattingly called the argument ridiculous and reminded the jury that there were several eye witnesses who testified that Sandoval and Vallejo fired first.

Sentencing is scheduled to take place tomorrow afternoon. 

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