Gas prices drop after Labor Day weekend

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Since Friday the price for a gallon of gas has dropped four cents. Drivers say they are liking the prices.

On Monday the average price per gallon in the Rio Grande Valley is $2.21 that’s 84 cents less than it was last year.

“It hasn’t been like that in awhile so we enjoy it,” Carlos Roel said.

It’s dropped a full seven cents from last week.

One driver KVEO spoke to says he’s noticed the savings filling up his truck.

“My truck it takes $70 but with the low prices right now it takes about $50,” Rolando Martinez said.

A savings he wouldn’t of had from last year when it was $3.05 at the pump.

One family KVEO talked to says the low gas prices is why they are heading to the zoo today.

“I’m glad to see that they are going down so we can travel around a little bit,” Emilio Casas said.

He’s not alone as a lot of drivers head back on the road to end their Labor day weekend.

But people in the valley should be happy with the price of gas since we’re one of the states with the lowest gas prices.

According to parts of California cost $3.27.

Making our $2.21 seem like a happy surprise.

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