Former Police Officer Released on Personal Recognizance Bond

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Former Alamo Police Officer Rodney Guerra is released from jail on a personal recognizance bond this evening. Guerra was recently charged with theft after allegedly stealing a pair of sunglasses from the evidence room. According to his attorney, Guerra’s constitutional rights were violated. He says the Alamo Police Chief declined Guerra the right to counsel and held him in jail an extra day for no reason.

Jesse Villalobos, Guerra’s Attorney, “He’s upset because they are trying to terminate him. My client has nothing to do with that, I guess in his mind he believes that. My client has nothing to do with that. My client did his job the best he could. This is a fight over some sunglasses, and actually if you look at the affidavit the officer who’s glasses belong to has already retrieved them. She has them and is probably driving around wearing those glasses. There is no theft, there is no tampering with evidence, there was never a case.”

Villalobos says Guerra held back from suing the city multiple times but assures he will no longer take anymore injustices.

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