Fire Destroys Used Clothing Warehouse

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Employees of a warehouse woke up to their place of business destroyed by a fire this morning, leaving them without a job.

Anabel Flores, daughter of warehouse owner said, “We need to see what the firefighters tells us and to see when the scene will be cleared.” 

The fire blazed through piles of flammable items making it harder to put out.

Chief Roberto Rojas, Hidalgo Fire Department, “Right now we have Ropa Usada Warehouse. The fire started at 7:05 and as you can see its almost under control. We need to hit some hot spots, it’s hard to get into. We’re going to have to remove some walls, roof, and everything to be able to extinguish the fire.”  

According to the fire chief this facility did not have a sprinkler system. Making this more of a challenge

“Our business is also established in Mexico. This is a big impact on our product right now we don’t know what our next step is.” Said Anabel Flores.

Investigators will evaluate the scene to determine the cause of the fire.

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