Father of Slain Border Patrol Agents Asks for Death Penalty

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The capital murder trial of the man found guilty of killing an off-duty border patrol agent still ongoing.

The jury was presented with more testimonies to decide if the death penalty should be served for Gustavo Tijerina-Sandoval.

The parents, the wife, and the children of Javier Vega Jr. all testified during sentencing hearing.  

The first tearful testimony came from Javier Vega Sr. who was shot by other suspect Ismael Hernandez Vallejo.

Vega Sr. revealed that he has not been able to work since the shooting, he takes medicine for anxiety, depression, PTSD and nerve pain.

When the state asked what punishment Sandoval should receive, Vega Sr. did not hold back.

“An eye for an eye. That’s what I want,” Vega Sr. said. 

Javier Vega III, Vega’s Jr.’s eldest son who lives out of state, testified for the first time today.

He admitted to the jury, with tears in his eyes, that he was arguing with his father around the timeframe he was murdered and that they never reconciled.

“I do have a daughter now, so she’s never going to meet her grandfather and I won’t be able to spend my life with my dad as an adult,” Vega III said. 

Vega’s Jr.’s wife and mother also took the stand again, and shared how their families have never been the same, and they have never taken a fishing trip since the murder.

The defense also called in a previous witness, Jessica Holloway, who sheltered Sandoval and Vallejo after the shooting

She repeated that she never felt threatened by the men when they were at her house for hours.

The state has rested and the defense will have more witnesses to testify on Monday.

Sandoval has not been present during the sentence hearing, although he might be testifying Monday.  

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