Family Searches for Witnesses in Father’s Death on Facebook

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A grieving family is desperate for answers and taking an investigation into their own hands.
They believe their father, Bernardo Duran, 58, was ran off the road while riding his motorcycle…
“I keep trying to find closure… trying to find out what happened to him…” said Bernardo Duran III at his mother’s home in Brownsville.

His father Bernardo Duran Jr. died in a motorcycle crash earlier this month near 511 and Old Port Isabel road.

“I keep closing my eyes and picturing what he must have gone through all of this and it hurts, I need to know” said Duran while looking at his father’s burgundy motorcycle.

The front wheel cover is cracked, right side mirror is broken and the metal foot rest is cracked.
Duran points out his father’s blood burned onto the exhaust. Grief has him and the family desperate for answers

Based on preliminary reports, the Brownsville Police Department classified the death accidental.
Investigators have only spoken with one witness who was at the scene, meanwhile Duran III spoke with other witnesses via social media, only problem since their conversation the woman who had a vehicle description deactivated her Facebook account.
Brownsville police spokesperson J.J. Trevino explains social media can help or hurt an investigation, “there are people that post things out there that are not necessarily true. We have to take it on a case-by-case basis. We have to look at every angle and every reason why this person might do that.”

The Duran’s are searching for more witnesses. They are concern with the speed in which the investigation is handled. Trevino explains many families feel the same when a loved one has died, “it might seem like it’s taking forever but really it is not, it’s just a matter of the process it needs to take in order to get the answers that we are looking for.”

Trevino explained, investigators at time wait weeks for toxicology reports to determine if the deceased had narcotics in their blood stream or may have suffered a medical episode such as a heart attack.
Meanwhile, families like the Duran’s wait for those answers to come, “but I need to know so I can move forward I can’t move forward not knowing what happened.”

Brownsville Police urge witnesses to speak with investigators at the scene or as soon as possible. The smallest detail could help ‘connect-the-dots’ in an investigation and give grief-stricken families closure.

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