Family attorney asks for answers in man’s death

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A Brownsville mother is mourning the loss of her son, Jose Roman Rodriguez, as she still searches for answers.

Carmen Trevino and her attorney spoke out on Friday, saying they believe Jose and another man were doing a beer run. That’s when they say police pulled them over.

But what Trevino doesn’t get is why her son was shot by a police officer. She told KVEO that her son and the other man in the vehicle were un-armed.

“Give us answers that’s really all that we’re asking for,” Ryan Thompson said.

Now any information Trevino or Thompson have is second hand, while the Texas Rangers continue to investigate.

“There were no weapons of any kind in that vehicle and as a result that’s something Carmen and I are very alarmed about,” Thompson said.

That’s why Thompson has requested the Texas Rangers to release the officer’s name and dash cam video.

“I think the two most important keys to that are one seeing the video and two getting an inventory of what was in that car. So we can establish definitively if these were two young men who had made a mistake and done a beer run. Yes. But they were un-armed and were not a threat to that officer,” Thompson said.

KVEO reached out to the Texas Rangers and Brownsville Police, both have remained silent saying the shooting remains under investigation.

“I just want help. Why? Why did they kill him?” Trevino said.

Thompson says his firm will continue to work to get answers for Trevino and her family.

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