Elected Officials Monitoring Migrant Release

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Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez says he wants to make sure the federal government is acting responsibly in releasing thousands of migrants into the community.

“I want them to make sure because we are hearing that they are turning loose immigrants without vetting them for one thing or the other. Which is really a violation of their duty. It’s our understanding is that they have not received sufficient resources in which to do that.” Says the judge.

Judge Cortez says the problems being created by the influx of undocumented immigrants falls upon the government’s lack of funding and resources needed to deal with the problem.

“These people sometimes are coming in here without any money they don’t know the language, etc., to the extent that we can help, we will help.”

For now the county is closely monitoring the situation.  Judge Cortez says they have been asked by area cities to provide some health screenings but adds the real solution would be policy changes from Washington.

“We don’t have legal visas to come here to work temporarily, yet we’re allowing thousands of asylum-seeking people to come in here. That just doesn’t make sense.”

In his press release the judge also said he would hold the government accountable which could include legal action and holding elected officials accountable at the polls.

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