Edinburg Animal Shelter Helping Stray Dogs Find Forever Homes

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The Rio Grande Valley continues to see an overwhelming population of stray dogs. The Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinburg takes in as many as 125 dogs every day. Now they’re working on new ways to help as many dogs as they can to find forever homes.

For many years, Palm Valley Animal Center has been transporting dogs to different parts of the state. In 2016 the rescue team transported more than 2,200 pups. But weekly trips to San Antonio can quickly start to break the bank.

Rebeca Villanueva – Director of Development said, “Every trip that we take, that’s about $1,500. That’s barely covering costs for transport, medication, gas, upkeep of our vehicles, staffing. Not to mention, cases where an animal might need a little more medical attention.”

The PVAC may have found a more efficient way to save more lives than ever before.

Rebeca Villanueva, “Now we’re getting organizations willing to make the drive to Edinburg, Texas to Palm Valley Animal Center, to pick up the dogs that are in need.”

Organizations like ‘Tracy’s Dogs’ is a non-profit organization committed to rescuing otherwise unadoptable dogs from shelters and bringing them back to optimal health.

Tracy Voss from Tracy’s Dogs said, “Here in Texas, specifically in the south and the San Antonio area, there are more dogs than there are good homes for them.”

Six years ago, Tracy and her husband Scott decided to change this phenomenon.

“What we were finding, like a dog like this, once he’s healed if I put him up for adoption in San Antonio, I might get one application. If I put the same dog up in some of the northern states that are not over populated like we are here, we’ll get 20 applications.”

Every month, Tracy and Scott bring their 32-foot trailer and spend a day in the valley. They hand pick some of the unhealthiest dogs to rehabilitate and give them a second shot at life. But rescue organizations say it’s important to tackle the root of the problem.

“What we hope is that our community really starts getting behind this movement. We want to see a long-term solution of pet overpopulation.” Said Villanueva.

Spaying and neutering your animals helps control the pet population. And of course making adoption your option.

Palm Valley Animal Center is also working with another rescue organization based in Virginia called ‘Helping Hands.’

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