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Newscenter 23’s Wes Rapaport offering some tips on what you need to know before heading to the polls. 

“I’m going to go next Wednesday” Says Earlyssa Cooper, a first time Texas voter.

Earlyssa cooper is getting ready to vote for the first time, and studying up on the candidates.

“To give all of the candidates a fair chance.” Continues Earlyssa Cooper 

The non-partisan, league of women voters is educating Texans on what to know.

“We’ve worked hard to get people registered, now they are, and it’s like what do we do next? And we are here to help them with that too.” Says Cinde Weatherby, Vice President for Voter Service, League of Women Voters Austin Area. 

Their voter guides have detailed candidate information for each county, you’ll also need to bring a photo ID.

“There are seven that you can use and there are seven more that you can use as substitutes.” Continues Weatherby. 

“I have also researched what kind of ID I can take to the polls” Says Holly Davis, another first time Texas voter. 

Holly Davis moved from out of state, so this is her first Texas election.

“I have no idea of the capacity of the different precincts and polling sites, and so we have no sense of how much time we need to a lot for this process.” Continues Davis. 

Don’t use your phone in the polling place, and be sure of what you’re doing if you choose “Straight Ticket.” 

“If you are going down the ballot last and you don’t really know who you should choose for something, that’s fine skip that. It’s better than voting for somebody that just has a nice name and you don’t know anything about.” Says Weatherby.

With voters across the political spectrum fired up, Davis expects long lines. 

“I think there is a general mood in the country on all sides of people kind of a little bit more excited about midterms than they typically are.” Says Davis.

Recent studies have shown Texas voter turnout is at or near the bottom nationwide, the Texas Secretary of State’s office reported that in the March primary, of the 15.2 million registered voters, only 2.5 million actually voted. 

Early voting starts Monday and runs through November 2, election day is Tuesday November 6. 

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