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According to a physician at Doctors Hospital Renaissance (DHR), high stress levels can lead to a wide range of health issues, even death in severe cases. Those symptoms can range from headaches to heart attacks.

Dr. Gerardo Lopez-Mena, Vice-President of Medical Affairs DHR, ”These stress hormones can have a negative impact in your immune system. It can lower your immune system which makes it easier to get sick also, makes it very difficult to lose weight.”

Relationship problems, paying bills, and a person’s job are the most common stress factors in the average person’s daily life, says Dr. Lopez-Mena.

“We know that stress leads to a lot of depression. Stress leads to a lot of anxiety. Those things coupled together can lead to people unfortunately harming themselves. Different events cause different levels of stress for different individuals. If someone does have a history of child abuse or sexual abuse, they tend to have a more heighten or more over stimulated response and tend to have more stress than your average person.”

The doctor also says it may also be difficult for a woman undergoing stress to achieve pregnancy due to hormonal imbalances. Adding chest pain, headaches, acne, and frequent sickness are visible symptoms people should look out for.

“High levels of stress can be dangerous, so we know our response is there for a reason. Normally what adrenaline does it brings up your heart rate it brings up your blood pressure again so you can be quickly active. Cortisol, which is another stress hormone, helps release sugar into your body so you can use it in times of stress.”

Dr. Lopez-Mena advises those experiencing high levels of stress to engage in a hobby and exercise to distract the mind from day to day problems.

DHR is now offering free high intensity workout classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

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