Day 2 In Patterson Murder Trial

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Day two in the murder trial against a valley woman accused of killing a 96-year-old veteran.

Today jurors listened to testimony from the victim’s former pastor who says he tried to warn him and his family about the defendant’s intentions. That warning came too late as 50-year-old Monica Melissa Patterson had allegedly asphyxiated Martin Knell.

Pastor Max Grubb said, “After Marty’s funeral, I went to Mark, even though we were not “buddies”, and told him I felt like Melissa Patterson had abused him and was manipulating him for his money.”

During his time on the stand Pastor Max Grubb tells the jury he witnessed Monica Patterson tell Martin Knell that he should leave his estate to her and the pastor. That’s what led him to convince the victim to protect his wealth with a lawyer.

Defense attorney Ricardo Salinas paints a different picture during cross examination.

Ricardo Salinas to Max Grubb: “In your mind, you developed your opinion that because his son was trying to take his money from him, … Or have him declared incompetent, that you felt, that he needed to defend his financial interests, correct?”

Max Grubb: “Exactly.”

Ricardo Salinas to Max Grubb: “And that was before Melissa Patterson, correct? It was actually on your way to Comfort House, correct?”

“Yes” said Pastor Grubb.

Testimony is expected to resume tomorrow morning. It may be weeks before we learn Patterson’s fate.

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