DACA Dispute Could Go To Supreme Court

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The Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals program known as DACA is back in the spotlight after a new court ruling that says the government must reinstate the program that protects some young people from deportation, and allows them to get jobs and attend school.

A different court case on the topic could send the issue straight to the supreme court. 

Sanaa Abrar with the organization, United We Dream, says government lawyers are okay with that. 

“We do expect him to rule against DACA, to say that it’s unlawful” “A mechanism that the government will use to try to go to the supreme court and ultimately say, look we have conflicting opinions.” Says Abrar. 

It appears more and more likely that the US Supreme Court will ultimately decide the fate of DACA, and the 800 thousand young immigrants it protects. 

Meanwhile, another case brought by the State Of Texas, could well go the other way. 

The judge who will hear arguments in that case this week, has ruled against a program similar to DACA in the past. 

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