Customs and Border Protection searching for parents of toddler found in cornfield

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EDINBURG, Texas – A search is underway for the parents of a toddler abandoned in a cornfield in the middle of the night. Agents say, as parents, the entire incident hits close to home and is a sad situation.

Early Tuesday morning Fort Brown Border Patrol agents in Brownsville found a little surprise after chasing a group of undocumented immigrants into some cornfields.

Agent Dustin Araujo, U.S. Border Patrol, “Agents requested a Border Patrol K-9 to assist in the search. During a search of the field they discovered a three-year-old alone crying in the cornfield.”

The agents carried the crying child out of the brush and attempted to locate the parents but were unsuccessful.

“The three-year- old does not speak well to effectively communicate and they only identification on him was his name and a telephone number written on his shoes.” Says Agent Araujo.

Agents say they are still searching for the parents and add they have seen this type of incident in the past but it’s not common. The incident seems to have left more questions than answers.

Araujo adds, “We don’t know why the smugglers decided to leave the child by himself or why no one else in the group stayed behind to care for the child who was left there all by himself in a cornfield.”

The child was taken to a local hospital where he was evaluated and released in good condition.  He will be turned over to Health and Human Services.

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