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Cuban Nationals Seeking Asylum In U.S., Being Denied Entry

PHARR, Texas - Hundreds of Cuban nationals seeking asylum in United States are being denied entrance at ports of entry in the Rio Grande Valley.

After spending days and nights waiting to start a new life, they were shocked to hear that there is no space for them and that they need to make their claim of credible fear. This comes a month after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions enacted the zero-tolerance policy on immigration. 

"We experience persecution for no reason. The government tries to manipulate us, and it's not right because we can't express ourselves the way we want to." Said a Cuban national.

While many asylum seekers have been at a port of entry for almost a week, they say they're grateful for U.S. citizens, who have been offering them snacks and other items to help them survive.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection say they expect this to be a temporary situation.

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