Congressman Visits Areas Sensitive to Border Wall

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U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar visited four environmentally sensitive areas in South Texas that he believes were protected from border wall construction, including an old church, a refuge, state park and National Butterfly Center.  But some Valley residents argue that more needs to be done.

“They have a lot of concern about the wall I don’t think you’ll find anybody here who thinks it’s a brilliant idea,” said Father Roy Snipes, Pastor of La Lomita Chapel. 

The conversation on the border wall took place at La Lomita Chapel, after Congressman Filemon Vela, Vicente Gonzalez, and Cuellar worked to get protections for Valley landmarks including the church, Santa Ana National Wildlife Center, and SpaceX, but the fight against the border wall is not over, with many believing it is ineffective. 

And concerned residents questioned Cuellar on why he voted to give the administration nearly $3 billion to build the border wall. 

“People want me to shut down the government, I’ll say it again, I’m not going to vote to shut down the government because you’re shutting down basically almost $4.3 trillion dollars in total,” Cuellar told a crowd of reporters and protestors. 

Early this week, Congressman Cuellar spoke out against President Trump’s efforts to cut funding for military construction projects in Texas as a result of the national emergency. 

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