College Students, Company Payrolls are latest Tax Scam Victims

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The IRS has issued a warning over a new scam targeting college students.

The agency says IRS impersonators are demanding payment for a non-existent tax known as the federal student tax. Our Amy Martinez has the details.

College students are the latest victims of tax scams this year. The IRS says not knowing what the rules are and fear of government intervention makes them easy targets.

“Frequently they’ll tell you to load up a prepaid card or go to the liquor store and wire money somewhere.”

But this is something the IRS will never ask you to do.

“The IRS will never ever make a call of that nature. But what they’re really doing is looking for is looking for a population of people that they feel would be intimidated by them on the phone.”

Many scammers threaten to arrest and even deport the victim if they don’t pay the amount they “owe”.

But college students aren’t the only potential victims this year.

“New this year to us is them also targeting companies and payroll departments, trying to get the payroll departments to send cyber-criminals their W-2 information for the employees.”

And even though tax season has come and gone, the IRS says this is the time identity thieves get geared up.

“Right now is when identity thieves are stealing identities for next year.”

And Goss says if you ever receive a call or an email that you don’t believe is true, the best thing to do is hang up and call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 to verify if an agent actually called.

And as a reminder, the IRS will never ask for any sort of payment over the phone, and the agency will not threaten to call the police.

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