City Gives $10,000 for Migrant Relief

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As the number of undocumented immigrants coming to the border continues to remain high, a small city in the Rio Grande Valley is taking action by giving thousands of dollars to the city that is facing most of the surge.

Lawmakers are calling it a humanitarian crisis as hundreds of migrants are being dropped off at local bus stations in McAllen, and respite centers like the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, by authorities who reportedly are overwhelmed by the numbers.

“This is a regional problem the migrants are coming across all the bridges and so we thought that it would be a good gesture,” said Donna Mayor Rick Morales. 

And after a meeting with the Department of Homeland Security, the city of Donna knew something had to be done.

“Even though it’s a small amount of money it’s still a lot of money for us we like to show solidarity that we’re in this together,” Morales said. 

This comes at a time the government is constructing tent facilities in Donna that can house up to five hundred undocumented immigrants, an action that sparked criticism from activists and lawmakers.

“I think they’re trying to show there’s a crisis on the border, again I don’t want to get into conspiracy, but there are spaces in Dilly, there are spaces other places why are they not sending any people over there why are they putting a tent over here,” asked Congressman Henry Cuellar. 

Although the Donna mayor calls the $10,000 only a drop in the bucket, he believes the commitment to help shows great unity.

“And I want to encourage other mayors from other cities to come out and help the city of McAllen with whatever they can do,” Morales said. 

In a statement, the city of McAllen says they embrace Donna’s gesture and hope other cities follow their lead, and that Donna, along with McAllen, will be reimbursed by the federal government.

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