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A mother and grandmother are in trouble after encouraging their young kids to fight. The children would get high fives and even cookies if they beat their sibling rivals. The video of the fights went viral after it was posted on social media. The mother, grandmother and the mother’s boyfriend were arrested. The mother says she just wants her kids to learn to protect themselves so they don’t get bullied.

Warning, this video and story may be hard to stomach.

An Austin mother faces charges of child endangerment, accused of encouraging her 4-year-old daughter to fight other children.

Police say she recorded the fights. She is laughing as her children scream for help. A duplex in south Austin where affidavits say three people encouraged children to fight.

Police say the mother of one of the 4-year-olds, Jennifer Sanchez, recorded the videos. The child’s father called police and posted it to Facebook last month. It went viral but no charges at that point.

Police say Sanchez admitted to recording it and sent it to the father’s family. The father also shared a second video shot out back on a trampoline. The adults can be heard egging on the fight. Encouraging one girl to drag the other by her hair. And laughing in the background as one of the 4-year-olds screams for help.
“Fight back! mama! fight back! Said one of the adults.

Jennifer Sanchez faces Child Endangerment charges as does her mother, Joann Sanchez. Police say, Joann is the mother of the other 4-year-old in the videos. Police also charged Joann’s boyfriend, Tommy Cruz.

They say he’s the one you can hear in the background offering sweets for punches.

Child Protective Services said they removed two kids from Jennifer Sanchez’s house and five from Joann Sanchez’s

In this case all three adults are charged with the lowest level state jail felony. If convicted they could spend up to 2 years behind bars.

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