Central Americans Say Countrymen are Encouraging Migration to U.S.

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69% of immigrants coming through the southern border are Central Americans, that is according to Border Patrol officials. Migrants say they are being encouraged by others in their country to migrate to the United States.

One Honduran migrant who traveled 15 days by foot to the southern border says everyone in Honduras is being told U.S. authorities are helping and releasing everyone. Adding there are even signs in his hometown encouraging the journey.

One migrant woman who is seven months pregnant says the hardest part of their journey was being in the McAllen processing center. She says they were placed inside what they describe as a freezer with aluminum foil as quilts.

According to Border Patrol spokesperson, the lowest temperature in the processing center is 70 degrees. He says they are not used to this temperature because in their countries it’s always hot, and they get aluminum foil, so infections are not transmitted.

The migrants say they are happy because they are ready to look for jobs and fight for their families.

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