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Candidate for Texas Attorney General Criticizes Paxton

MCALLEN, Texas - As election day nears candidates are making their final push to the voters. The Democratic candidate for Texas Attorney General Justin Nelson is bringing his message to the Rio Grande Valley.

“I believe we need a Texas Attorney General who will put the law first and not politics.” Stated Nelson.

In his new plan to fight corruption in Texas, Nelson is targeting the actions of incumbent Ken Paxton.

"It seeks to close these loopholes that my opponent, Mr. Paxton, has used to take $100,000 gifts into his legal defense fund from people who have active investigations in front of the Office of the Texas Attorney General."

Justin Nelson, an Austin attorney, says Ken Paxton has failed in his duty to protect the people of Texas from corruption. And instead has been the very face of corruption and self-dealing policies.

"He is the chief lawyer of Texas and he is indicted he faces 99 years in prison for fraud. It is a disgrace. We need to clean up Texas government." Says Nelson.

On Thursday Nelson unveiled his new corruption plan in Austin. In an article from the Texas Tribune, Paxton responded "Texans don't need ethics lessons from a liberal trial lawyer who got wealthy suing businesses and extorting financial settlements from job creators."  

Nelson adds, "This is not about left and right, this is about right and wrong. Mr. Paxton is indicted for fraud. His net worth grew from $30,000 to $3 million while he was in public service."

Nelson says if he is elected to office he would withdraw Texas from a lawsuit which seeks to end DACA protections.

We did reach out to the Paxton Campaign for comment on Nelson's corruption plan. However, they did not respond.

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