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As we wrap up 2016, we like to look back at what we have accomplished. Including our law enforcement agencies in the Rio Grande Valley. The Cameron County Sheriff shares what 2016 was like as far as safety in the lower valley.

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio says, “When you have high visibility it really lowers the crime rate as far as that goes.”

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio is proud to revisit what the fiscal year 2016 meant for the sheriff department’s fight against crime.

Sheriff Lucio, “We’re very pleased. We wish we could stop every single crime, that’s not going to happen because we cannot be in everybody’s bedroom or in anybody’s bedroom, we cannot be at all the traffic lights or every single place. But the fact remains that the people, and I’m talking about my deputies, are out there patrolling the streets.”

Crime stats for 2016 are overall lower than 2015. Most notable is the decrease in homicide from three cases last year to zero this year. A significant decrease in attempted rape from 54 cases last year to 32 this year. Aggravated Assault, theft, and number of arrests decreased by almost 50%.

Sheriff Lucio, “a good year and although we’ve got three more days to go for anything can happen in law enforcement at any moment. Anything can happen from one minute to the next.”

Though marijuana seizures were down, the department encountered an increase in other types of drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine. In addition, almost a million dollars in U.S. currency was seized this year. Something the sheriff hopes will continue to increase in the future in order to retain deputy numbers and maintain a high presence in our communities.

Sheriff Lucio, “We want to wish everybody from myself and the rest of my staff and the entire sheriff’s office a very healthy safe and happy new year to every one of our constituents and we’re right here to serve them.”

Sheriff Lucio says allocation of funds is necessary for the year 2017. As 13 deputy officers are at risk of leaving the department in search of employment with other local agencies.

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