Cameron County officials are three months away from completing Combes drainage project

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“What we’re doing is we’ve made a bypass so that the water from the Northwest part of the district doesn’t have to come back into town,” said Cameron County Drainage District General Manager Alan Moore:

To do that Cameron County official decided to change the pathway of the water.

The project is designed to relieve a lot of the flooding in populated areas like Harlingen where various local drainage systems connect.

Cameron County officials are installing a crossing here in Combes. They’re going to rehabilitate the drainage system and make it wider so that water can flow more easily.

“It’ll get the water out of comes a lot faster,” said Moore. “It also brings the water in from Primera. It provides a lot more drainage for both of those, and it reduces the amount of water that’s in the rest of the system so it benefits more than just the immediate area of Combes.”

Moore recalls the extreme flooding in those cities during Hurricane Dolly back in 2008.

“Within two weeks, we had 26 inches of rain,” said Moore. “It was really devastating for the Combes-Primera, northwestern part of our district hub. Some really serious flooding.”

The water did eventually drain, but not as fast as county officials had hoped. And that lack of efficiency is something those officials hope to make up for with this new project.

“We’re trying to make the flooding less serious and less severe with every improvement that we make,” said Moore.

The project is expected to be completed in 90 days.

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