Cameron County Judge Speaks on Sepulveda and CCRMA

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It is still unknown what will happen with former Cameron County Judge Pete Sepulveda after being formally indicted on charges of theft and abuse of authority.

It all began from an investigation conducted by the district attorney that led to the discovery that a private road had been paved by county workers.

Sepulveda turned himself in to authorities and paid off a $15,000 bond. The newly elected Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino spoke about whether current projects started by Sepulveda and CCRMA will be affected.

Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño, “I’m hopeful that it doesn’t. Obviously it may entail the county becoming more engaged with all of those projects, especially since all of the county funds in or around county revenue are going to be associated with the projects. We want to keep everything moving forward and letting everybody know that it’s still business as usual. We’ll make sure we deal with any road blocks as they develop. I’m disappointed to hear the news that this has occurred and we’ll have to let the process play itself out.”

It is unknown if Pete Sepulveda will continue as Executive Director for the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority. The CCRMA told KVEO it is unknown at this time. The matter would be discussed further during a board meeting scheduled for next week.

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