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According to the Texas Association of Realtors home sales are on the rise.

As the year comes to a close, local realtors have identified this time of year as a sellers’ market.

Coldwell Banker Realtor Angelo Kotsovos says, “When we meet with buyers and sellers, we try to stress the fact that it’s important to have curb appeal for a house.”

It’s all about information. As seller it’s your property, you want to get the most out of it, but you also have to be realistic. Regular maintenance goes a long way for your property and for the future buyer.

“People watch the news and they say, housing industry is going up it’s on a boom, it’s going down,” says Kotsovos, “Unfortunately that doesn’t really apply to the valley. “

As both a seller and a buyer, check everything. The floor, ceiling, air vents, windows, everything.

“There’s going to be taxes, there’s going to be insurance, you’re going to have maintenance, utilities. It’s not cut and dry, a mortgage and a payment,” says Kotsovos.

When putting up a home for sale, many people don’t realize that they’re opening their homes to strangers. 

“When we see all kinds of photographs and pictures, awards, and trophies like that, we usually advise people to remove them,” says Kotsovos.

You’re essentially making your blueprints public. Although not mandatory, removing expensive personal belongings could keep thieves or child predators away.

In short an informed consumer is the best consumer.

When seeking to buy or sell a home, look for a reputable source.

In some cases, you can also contact a realtor to represent you when buying a home.

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