Bus driver attacked by 3 students

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A school bus driver is recovering after being attacked by three students on his bus.

The teenagers involved now face aggravated assault charges.

Herman Brown has been driving school busses for nearly 6 years and never been physically assaulted like he was this week.

Herman Brown, says, “I just want to get it behind me so I can continue to go on with my life and let this stuff die down.”

This afternoon he spoke with me about how he was beat up on the Lamar consolidated ISD bus late Monday afternoon.

Brown says, “Kids, they are going to be kids but the main thing, like I said get this behind me. But for me, being a child a of God I forgive them for what happened and I’m not holding a grudge but God is going to do what God is going to do.”

In the meantime, Rosenberg police arrested the three kids they say were involved.

William Henry, Rosenberg Police, says, “This morning they school resource officers found some more witnesses on the bus, interviewed them and around just before lunch they arrested three juveniles involved, charging them with aggravated assault.”

Police say Brown had pulled the buss over near 59 and loop 540 in the Beasley area because the teens were acting up.

The officer says, “The driver tried to reason with them but it escalated to the point where they attacked the bus driver.”

Police say the teens were punching and kicking brown but eventually stopped when he pulled out a pocket knife.

The reporter asks, “What was going through your mind?”

Brown says, “That they could hurt me or kill me or any of the two things, hurt me real bad or kill me.”

When officers showed up to the scene, the driver was rushed to the emergency room.

He suffered a fractured nose, bruises and shoulder injuries.

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