Brush Fire Continues for Second Day

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The winds are strong again today so continues a fire that started as a brush fire in Olmito. This is the biggest part of the problem that continues ongoing till today. It’s a tire fire that’s at a vacant lot. Right now fire crews are trying to extinguish this but the wind keeps bring this back and back again. It seems like they stop one area and it continues. One of the largest problems at this area is there is no water hydrants or ways to bring in water so constantly we have the use transport vehicles to bring in water to calm this fire down.

Brownsville Fire Chief Carlos Elizondo says, “We’re going on over 24 hours now, at least, we started this yesterday at 2o’clock, and I don’t even know what time it is right now, but it is probably over 24 hours… one of the biggest things is because of these high wind, it is making it very hard for us to control that fire and of course tire fires are very hard to stop and extinguish.”

Overall there have not been any reported injuries we’ve had 2 confirmed homes burnt by this fire. Over 100 acres actually caught on fire because of this brush fire and it continues. The fire crew has been going on with six different agencies back and forth. You can still see some of the fire continuing. This is by far what continues because they are tires. It is definitely difficult to put them out.

“We’ll continue to stay here and be on top of it. Our biggest concern is making sure it doesn’t spread to any adjacent areas,” says Elizondo.

The cause of the fire is currently undetermined.

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