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Brownsville Ranked 9th ‘Most Prosperous City'

BROWNSVILLE, TX - Online site RentCafe rates two Texas cities amongst the most prosperous cities in the U.S.

In this list, the City of Brownsville was said to have been the 9th most prosperous between 2000 to 2016.

The site claims to look at metrics such as population change, income change, home value change, poverty rate and un employment to determine a ranking list.

News Center 23 reached out to the Greater Brownsville Incentive’s Corporation (GBIC), an organization that recruits industries to Brownsville in order to see if investors think the city is indeed prosperous.

Executive director for GBIC Gilberto Salinas believes that the title of prosperous may be misleading. He says, “I think what they mean is most improved.”

Salinas tells us that when attracting companies, Brownsville has a lot to offer.

Population growth and a decrease of unemployment rates are important factors for the city to determine growth.

Brownsville has access to 3 the international ports of entry, an international airport, and a growing sea port. Location may have been an important reason why companies like SpaceX , Rio Grande LNG, Italian manufacturer SATA and a Greyhound Bus manufacturing facility are looking to settle in Brownsville.

“But just having a geographic location doesn’t mean you’re going to hit success,” says Salinas. “It takes good leadership across the board.”

In the eyes of the general public, the Brownsville Convention and Visitors Bureau works on attracting tourists. We asked them what they think about being considered a top prosperous city.

CEO Mariano Ayala says, “The beauty of it is that someone else graded us. The fact is that just goes to show that we’re headed in the right direction and everyone in the city will eventually benefit.”

Last night we launched a Facebook poll online to ask our viewers if they thought Brownsville was prosperous. About 86 percent of locals that responded believe that the city is not prosperous. Some believe it’s a case of insiders looking from within why may be unaware of the advantages when compared to other regions.

“There’s a lot of people that say, I’ve lived here all my life and I never knew that Brownsville had so much to offer,” says Ayala.  

Do you agree with the nationwide ranking?

You can let us know on our poll on facebook.




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