Brownsville Health Dept. works to rid town of mosquitoes

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The major flooding in the Rio Grande Valley has caused some un-welcome guests, mosquitoes.

The Brownsville Health department is spraying roads with pesticides to help get rid of the pests using B.T.I Briquets.

“It releases the chemical or substance in the water and the larvae actually eats the substance that it releases and it deforms the mosquito when they hatch and turn into the adult mosquito,” Fred Barnes Brownsville Vector Control said.

“September is our busiest time for mosquito activity but it varies by season and the rainfall,” Art Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez told me his concern is that mosquitoes can carry many diseases.

The health department sets out traps to see which areas are most affected by mosquitoes.

“The recent rainfalls have caused us to be doing mosquito surveillance. We go out and set up traps and that’s what sets up the work for us,” Rodriguez said.

His advice to protect yourself from mosquitoes is avoiding going outdoors in the morning or night when mosquitoes are out the most, wearing light colored clothing and long sleeves and to use bug spray. If you have water by your home make sure to clear it out.  

“People can do a lot to help us and control the mosquito. We will be out city wide spraying so we ask that when people see the machine just get indoors and allow us to do that,” Rodriguez said.

If you have a problem with mosquitoes in your area you can call your local health department to spray.

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