Brownsville Bishop recalls meeting the pope

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  The Bishop for Catholic Diocese of Brownsville Daniel Flores is back in town after visiting with the pope last week.
  Bishop Flores flew out to Washington D.C. last Tuesday where he was able to greet Pope Francis the next day at a prayer service held at the cathedral of St. Matthew the apostle in Washington D.C.

“I was able to meet him just exchange a few words for the fact that he had taken the time to do that virtual audience in McAllen,” Flores said.  

 Bishop Flores also joined a group at the bishops conference where he presented a cross to the pope with a family.

“It was a family of parents and children and the grandparents. All very symbolic of his concerns for the family to present him with a special cross to get blessed so I was there basically to help that happen,” Flores said.

 Bishop Flores told me the whole experience was inspiring.

“I got a sense of the great enthusiasm that he instills in the life of the church especially encouraging young people to be bold he kept saying that to be bold to do something good with their lives,” Flores said.

Enthusiasm, Bishop Flores hopes to bring to his congregation.

“He kind of left us with a sense of hopefulness that we can work together and we can really do something good for the wider society,” Flores said.

After meeting the pope, Bishop Flores said he was amazed at the energy the pope had.

“He would start early in the morning and would go till late in the evening and he always seemed to be even more electrifying every time he had a chance to interact with people,” Flores said.

We asked what Bishop Flores wanted to focus on after coming back from visiting the pope.

“Just to help families. Its hard its difficult for families to make ends meet,” Flores said.

He says the Catholic Diocese of Brownsville will work to continue helping families as he continues to reflect on all that the pope addressed this past week.

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