Brain Eating Amoeba Closes Water Park In Waco

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A Waco surf water park has been closed for testing after a man who recently visited died from a rare brain-eating amoeba. 

A father who has experienced the tragedy of an amoeba death first hand is raising awareness about the deadly infection.

His son Kyle, died from it in 2010.

Since then, a foundation named for his son has been working to draw swimmer’s attention to the threat, and to a drug, that has shown the only potential for saving lives. 

“If it is a parasite, it’s going to kill it. If it’s the amoeba, it’s going to kill it. If we don’t get it on board, they’re going to die in three to four days.” Says Jeremy Lewis of Kyle Cares Foundation.

The CDC emphasizes that you cannot get infected by swallowing contaminated water.

Infections typically happen when in freshwater places like lakes and rivers. 

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