Border Mayor Says Closing Southern Border Would be Economic Disaster

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The city of Brownsville made national headlines again as hundreds of undocumented immigrants have been released by federal authorities in the Rio Grande Valley, prompting President Donald Trump to consider taking drastic measures to cope with it.

And the mayor explains why closing the border isn’t the solution. 

“I’m trying to get all my numbers put together, but I know it would be an economic disaster,” said Brownsville Mayor Tony Martinez. 

The threats came in a series of tweets, with the President saying he would shut down the southern border or large sections of the border if Mexico doesn’t immediately stop ALL illegal immigration coming into the United States, an action that would be detrimental to border towns. 

“We do not think of ourselves quite frankly as two different communities we think of ourselves as two suburbs that are part of one community and we interact all the time,” Martinez said. 

And businesses minutes away from the border like Shoe Town in downtown Brownsville, that relies heavily on Mexican consumers. 

 “I think definitely it would impact us in a negative way because most of our sales are from people who come across,” said Shoe Town Manager Leonel Sosa. 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that the U.S. and Mexico trade about $1.7 billion in goods daily. And echoes the statements of the Brownsville mayor and business owner that closing the border would be harmful. 

Over the past several days, the president has cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Central American nations where the migrants are mostly coming from in an effort to stop illegal immigration into the United States. 

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